Friday, 9 August 2013

Festi-Hair in Five Easy Steps

V Festival is just around the corner (the countdown to next Friday is on for many lucky festival goers) so I figured it would be good to show you guys my go-to guide for having fabulous festival hair! Thank me laters! Since having my hair cut into a long(ish) bob, I've been experimenting with styles for this particular length and I must admit, I seriously love the relaxed wave look. With this in mind (and a fair few festivals coming up quicker than you can say Jiminy Cricket) I thought it'd be nice to do a little tutorial of a speedy summer style that can be applied to most hair lengths, but looks especially hot with a midi cut - in fact you might even end up looking like the very lovely ladies below. Enjoy...

Step One
Wash hair and apply about three squirts (technical terminology right there) of GHD Total Volume Foam* to your damp locks. The foam is similar to a volumising mousse but is far less gooey/sticky, and should be applied to the roots of your hair right through to the ends. It also helps to spray a good dose of Macadamia Oil through wet hair to help protect it from general day-to-day damage and give it a nice healthy shine once it's dry.

Step Two
Blow dry that bonse! Make sure you pay close attention to the roots of your hair and blow dry them upwards so that the Volume Foam can work it's magic. The foam itself is pretty darn good at producing some super volume, my hair is rubbish and lifeless usually but with a bit of this product and some half decent blow drying it seems to perk itself up nicely!

Step Three
WHOA, check out that there fro! Now you need to tame it into some sort of style rather than a mental bit of wig. If you don't have a wild fro at this point then don't worry, we shall rectify it with some serious back combing in the final stages of our speedy style.

Step Four
Separate your hair into two sections, tie the top layers up and leave the bottom layer down. Go through and lightly curl the ends of your hair, brush through with your fingers to loosen the curls and then spray with hair spray. Release the top layers and repeat the process again.

Step Five
This part of the tutorial is all about adding the finishing touches to your hair. If you have a good finishing spray then now is the time to whop it out and use it. I tend to just use hairspray and again a few squirts of Macadamia Oil to make it shiny. If your roots are still looking a little limp and sorrowful then backcomb a few areas making sure you hairspray under the segment of hair before you backcomb the crap out of it so that it stays in place for longer. Hairspray all over, have a quick wardrobe change, place a floral crown on your head and you're good to go!

Voila! A speedy summer style & festival-ready hair... MISSION COMPLETE.

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*GHD Total Volume Foam is a PR Sample

Dress - Celia Birtwell x Uniqlo | Floral Crown - The Vintage Set | Knitted Vest - Macy*s NYC

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  1. Oh my gosh your hair looks amazing!
    Lucia's Loves

  2. that dress is a beaut! So is your hair :)

  3. Great tutorial! Your hair looks really nice :) xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

  4. the fact that u r so pretty xx

  5. YOUR HAIR LOOKS TAYYSTAY. As ever ;) xx

  6. You look wonderful, the style is very Alexa Chung :) xx

  7. I've just got my hair cut this length and randomly remembered you'd written a post on how to style it years ago! Took me ages to find it as couldn't remember your blog name - but glad I finally did!! :) xoxo


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