Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Life's Little Essentials

Today I thought it'd be nice to do something a bit different - I mean, you guys must be sick of seeing my face / outfits by now! So I figured it'd be cool to do a post about the little essentials in life which get me by from day to day! It's basically a "what's in my bag" post but I've just rebranded it haha - shhh don't tell anyone.

1) Chanel Lipstick
This lipstick is a beautiful orange shade and it goes really nicely with peach blusher and winged eyeliner. I got it for my 21st birthday and it's the one bit of makeup that I like to carry around but try to use sparingly because it's 'posh' and I'm a weirdo like that.

2) Zara Perfume
This perfume is £9.99 from Zara and smells absolutely delicious. Because it doesn't break the bank, I tend to use this perfume on a daily basis for work and stuff. It really is a great smelling scent and it's lasted me ages even though I use it all of the time!

3) Bow Detail Leather Purse
This purse was a gift from Jack's parents for my birthday earlier this year. I'd been after a new purse for ages and so when I received this I was thrilled! I love how it's got lots of compartments for various cards and notes, and that there is a section for your coins too. It also goes really well with my Osprey bag which is a massive winner!

4) H&M Sunnies
I really need to start putting these sunglasses in a case because they've started to get scratched on the lenses. I absolutely love the shape of these sunnies - cat eye frames are SO cool. And even better was the fact that they were only £4!

5) iPhone 5 & Iconemesis Cat Case
My phone is something that, unfortunately, I can't live without. Whether I'm instagramming, calling the boyf, tweeting, Facebooking, reading blogs, keeping in touch with friends via Whatsapp or finding a local restaurant on Urban Spoon, it's definitely become an integral part of day to day life. This case from Iconemesis is my absolute fave. The design by Gemma Correll features loads of happy little cats with cake, bow ties and presents - it's very sweet!

6) Ideas Notepad
My dear friend Chelsea bought me this Ideas notepad for my birthday (it's from Accessorize) and ever since I've been putting it to good use. I love writing a hench to-do list! This notepad comes everywhere with me so that I can write my lists on the go, and refer back to them when needed!

7) Osprey London Handbag
And of course, where would I be without my handbag? This is my favourite bag at the moment as it's a bit vintage looking and is a vibrant pillar box red which I think is a very classic colour for a handbag. There are currently a few Osprey bags on the T K Maxx website which might be worth a look at if you like the brand but don't want to spend massive amounts of pennies... Their bags are amazing quality, I would defo recommend! Failing that, take a peek at their gorgeous new season stuff here.

What are your daily essentials?

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  1. Your bag is gorgeous :)! I carry everything but the kitchen sink in mines haha xx

    D Is For...

  2. I love your bag and the iPhone case and just everything! Could I ask what camera you use? They're really nice photos :)

  3. The bag is gorgeous! I have this iphone case and it'd definitely my favourite x

  4. Love your bag, such a pretty colour and shape! x

  5. Your purse is so lovely, I've never thought to look in zara for perfumes but I'll have to have a little look next time I'm in there. Love the cat case too :)
    Rosalie x

  6. that phonecase is SO SO good! x

  7. I'm dying to try this zara perfume!


  8. your phone case is the cutest! x

  9. I love this post! Everything in your bag and your bag itself is gorgeous! I love your Gemma Correll phone case, I have the Gemma Correl Cat's Life book and it's so so funny and sweet. I've never tried Zara perfume, will have to give it a sniff :) xx

  10. oh my gosh THE PHONE CASE!! <3 <3 I love Gemma Correll, following her on Instagram makes my feed that bit happier hehe
    Shame I don't own an iPhone or I'd get one myself. Gorgeous bag too lady xxx

  11. Glad you like your case. It's lovely! Also, I loveeee your purse. I need a new one!
    Ashleigh XO

  12. Omg, everything in here is just so classy and gorgeous. I really love your style! :D
    Lynn | Makeup With Tea


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