Friday, 30 August 2013

STYLE FILES: There's A New Kid On The Block... Cat's Brothers

There's something quite cool about London based brand, Cat's Brothers, and it's not just the name. Their Crazy Homies collection, as pictured above, is the perfect mix of eclectic and cool. With vibrant colours, 90s shapes (check out the denim choices) and obvious nods towards Mexican cultural influences; there's a lot to get excited about with this bizarre, experimental and completely fun amalgamation of style. Crazy Homies certainly was a perfectly apt name for such a collection.

I first came across the brand when they followed me on Twitter, and because of their name (you guys know I love the cats) I decided to check out their website and more importantly, their latest collection. I was pretty impressed with what I found there (obvz) and figured it'd be nice to do a little feature about them. Wicked wicked, jungle is massive.

The inception of the latest collection from Cat's Brothers stemmed from a crazaaaay cool night out (I wish I'd have been there) to a local Mexican restaurant, where knitwear designers Anna Wilkinson and Lindsay McKean (after a fair few margeritas) conspired to design some funky ass clothing! And hey presto, a funky feast of colourful clobber was born. Since then the collection has been sported by Eliza Doolittle, featured in Nylon magazine and of course, had a mention on the ├╝ber prestigious fashion blog, Style Bubble, written by none other than Susie Lau! Not bad, not bad at all.

Out of the AW13 collection pieces, I'm particularly loving the VW cashmere jumper in vibrant red as well as the paisley embroidered baseball jacket and the punk-tastic skull and crochet dress. Yes I know what you're thinking.. Skulls and crochet meets Mr T inspired bling? It's crazy. Paisley and baseball? Equally crazy! But it works. There's no denying you're not secretly wanting that Beastie Boys tee!

What are your thoughts on the Crazy Homies collection? Have you come across Cat's Brothers before?

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  1. By the first photo I was like blech...but as I kept scrolling I became much more intrigued. It's definitely a unique take on design. And, I kind of want that headpiece now!


  2. I actually love this entire collection! The skull dress is my fave! aand yes I do want that beastie boys tee :D


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