Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Outfit O'Clock #212 - Tailored Times Ahead

Black Tailored Sleeveless Jacket - eBay - £15.59
Geometric Print Trousers - Forever 21 - £18.75
Black Tassle Necklace - New Look - £7.99
Monochrome Shoes - Primark - £12
White Short Sleeved Shirt - Primark - £8

You wouldn't believe just how excited I was when I came across this sleeveless jacket / blazer / waistcoat thing on eBay a few weeks back. I'd been after something similar for a while after seeing Theresa from Company Magazine rocking a longer checked version from ASOS on the Company website a few months back. I thought it looked rather snazzy and because I've been trying to update my work wardrobe I figured that this would be a nice little addition, and then of course I found out that it was just £15 (including delivery) from a seller in China. And as if that wasn't enough to persuade me to get in on the bargainious jacket, I read that Victoria Beckham is lovin' the sleeveless tailored dress / jacket look this Autumn (as seen in her latest collection) so ya know... I felt like it was meant to be. I was totes sold. Love a tailored bargain. Get in ma 'drobe!

The rest of the items in this outfit you've probably seen before. The geometric print trews are a current wardrobe favourite, they're dead comfy and the high waisted fit is quite flattering. I'm raaaaaaather pleased with them! And then the fact that they were like £18.75 from Forever 21 is also pretty super duper... I LOVES THEM.

I've defo been embracing the idea of 'the smart work wardrobe' lately. Tailored items are becoming increasingly appealing, and I'm forever finding myself surrounded by beautiful tailored clothes in Zara - it's a great place for work wardrobe inspo! I certainly think my new sleeveless jacket will be a regular contender in the workdrobe this Autumn. Do you have a coveted workwear item that you just have to have for this season? What is it?
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  1. Love your outfit.
    You look amazing.
    So well put together.


  2. Great style, and the way you look is sooo sophiticated and deep! Like Emily Browning. ;)


  3. Nice look!I love your pants!


  4. Oh my gosh, absolutely fabulous look! I love EVERYTHING about it! Especially the pants, winged eyeliner and red lip! Your make up goes perfectly with the outfit!

    ~ Nailah

  5. You FAWX. You've just reminded me I own an almost identical sleeveless jacket, I'll need to dig it out so we can be twins! Also.. YOU'RE ON THE LOOKBOOK FACEBOOK PAGE TONIGHT, that's so shamazing! xxxxxx

    oops, forgot my #CREEPY

  6. this is the perfect look for work! soo chic and effortless!! also £15 for the sleeveless blazer! you know i'm all over that - added to my ebay wish list right now! xx

  7. I love this print...I totally wnt those shoes, they are incredibly beautiful.

  8. great outfit, loving on the on the jacket and its a bargain
    i like to wear silly hats

  9. Love this outfit, the trousers are soooo nice!



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