Thursday, 12 September 2013

Outfit O'Clock #215 - A Ladylike Take On Double Denim

Denim Pinafore Dress - Bank* | G Star Denim Shirt - Bank* | Bowler Hat - eBay | Navy Leather Bag - Cow Vintage | Pearl Necklace - Vintage | Karen Millen Belt - Vintage | Ankle Socks - Primark £2 | Nude Court Shoes - Primark £12

Double denim is something that I've always wanted to try but never really known how I would go about it. Until now that is... 

I've always thought of double denim as being your typical 'Dad Disaster' outfit. Ya know, with the standard denim blue jeans and matching denim jacket look going on. Growing up as a child, double denim was always a massive no no. It ran along the same lines of socks with sandals - yeh, it was considered quite a detrimental style choice. However nowadays double denim seems to have redeemed itself (well I think so anyway) so when I was asked to style a 'D.D' outfit I was more than happy to oblige.

This outfit, comprising two rather lovely denim pieces from Bank, does not feature a denim jacket OR denim jeans - SCORE. It's the perfect look for all manner of occasions whether that's a date, a meal out with friends, cinema trips, shopping - you name it. It's casual because of the denim; however the ladylike touches with the pearl necklace, nude courts, lace ankle socks and bowler hat smarten it up nicely. What do you think of this particular take on double denim?

In other news it's THURSDAY! Meaning tomorrow is Friday and weekend party times are GO! I'm off to Gala Bingo on Friday eve with a few friends which should be a huge laugh. Have you ever been to bingo? It's something that people are always like 'ooh that's a bit Granny' but I absolutely love it. When I went to Gran Canaria last year with my pal Lisa, we made sure we were down at the pool for 3pm every day where 'Pool Bingo' was held. It was great, we got to drink cocktails and Lisa even won a bottle of wine and a t shirt. Good times. So yes, bingo! Cannai wait ;)


  1. Love this denim dress of yours c; You
    look lovely! Xx

  2. I love double denim! Can't get enough denim! Love the pinafore and how you've styled it! x

  3. I hate double denim, but this outfit changes my opinion!
    You look lovely.
    Love your whole outfit.


  4. I think this is my most favourite double denim look I've ever seen! That pinafore really suits you!


  5. Great pictures and a lovely outfit! :)

  6. You are so pretty love your blog and outfits new follower <3

  7. wow i really love this outfit, its kind of 'call the midwife'esk:) lovely blog :)



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