Sunday, 15 September 2013

Outfit O'Clock #216 - Mint Winter

Tweed Check Skirt - ASOS* | Mint Jumper - The Vintage Set | Strappy Shoes - Primark | Bow Belt - Primark | Sunglasses - H&M | Bowler Hat - eBay

I really like this outfit. I think mint green and berry red go PERFECTLY together. Berry nice. HAR HAR! I also think that this ASOS skirt is rather delightful and I'll probably wear it loads this season. I like a good ladylike outfit.

I wore this skirt on Friday when Chelsea and I went to play bingo (yes you heard correctly!) - if you follow me on Instagram you probably know all about our evening already! We were invited to attend Shrewsbury Gala Bingo and had a few complimentary games with a meal and bubbly thrown in - twas very civilised! We also had our own personal host for the evening who helped us out if we got a bit stuck and was generally SO lovely - her friendliness and helpfulness really made the evening!

Prior to our recent visit, I was already a member of Gala Bingo as my friend Stacey introduced me to them last year, however I hadn't really made full use of my membership since. I think after Friday though I will definitely be going again more regularly as it's such a laugh - especially if you take a few friends and make an evening of it! The food there is pretty good and for a healthy portion of chicken burger and chips it was £3.99 which isn't bad at all! We also went on a night out to Birmingham after (talk about cramming all of the activities in) and although I was driving so couldn't touch the bubbly, Chelsea made full use of it :)

Overall it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening and (although we didn't win) I really rate bingo!
Have you been to Gala Bingo before?
What did you think?


  1. This has a very nice vintage feel to it! That tweed skirt is beautiful - I am also loving the mint jumper with that cute bow belt! Great look girl!

    And I've never been to a gala bingo before, but looks like you had fun! :P xo

  2. This is such a chic look. I reeeeally want to go to bingo but I live in a city centre without a bingo hall! What is that about?

  3. You little old lady ;) Honestly though, you look fantastic, nobody pulls of ladylike chic in a midi quite like you! I've never been to bingo but I imagine it would be hilarious, I'd struggle to keep quiet if there was a gang of us! <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  4. Haha, yeah Bingo! Looks like you had a
    fun time c: Love your mint top and hat!

  5. I love this top babe, it's adorable especially paired with that skirt. :)

    I've never done gala bingo before, I've always wanted too! xx

  6. ahhh bingo!! that is SO cute, i'd love to go to a game with friends haha. and i LOVE this outfit- ladylike outfits are right up my alley, and so i'm totally drooling over that full skirt. you look gorgeous!

    xo marlen
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  7. I really really really REALLY LIKE THAT SKIRT.


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