Sunday, 29 September 2013

Outfit O'Clock #219 - Tartan-tash-tic

Faux Leather Midi Skirt - River Island via ASOS £30 | Tartan Cropped Tee - Primark £6 | Sleeveless Biker Jacket* - F&F at Tesco £22 | Colour Block Envelope Clutch* - Matalan £10 | Colour Block Heels - Primark £12
OUTFIT TOTAL - £80 (all items are new season and currently in store)

Look at me. I'm actually wearing false eyelashes. I'm also rocking pleather and tartan like it's going outta fashion (please note - it's not, it's here to stay for a while!) This cheeky outfit is a new fave I think. I bought the tartan print top from Primarni the other day for £6 as I thought it would look perf with my new pleather midi skirt from ASOS - and I was right! WOOP de WOOP. I decided to smarten things up with my larrrrvly monochrome colour block shoes and clutch, and then threw my sleeveless biker jacket on just to edge things up a little.

I also trialled some new 50s Style False Eyelashes* from a website called - wait for it - (a highly appropriate website name!) They stock literally hundreds of different kinds of lashes, so you can go on there and just order the pair which you like the most and then have them delivered straight to your door! Plus you get FREE 1st class delivery in the UK. BINGO BANGO BABY! Can't argue with that now can we?

The eyelashes themselves are really nice, they are thicker at the ends in true 50s style and add natural enhancement to my actual eyelashes without it being overly obvious that I'm wearing falsies. I like subtle makeup and beauty choices, I don't do garish! I reckon these lashes will last me a few more wears too! Before I applied them I had to cut them down to size (as I only have little-ish eyes) but I have to do that with all false lashes so that's no biggie. The glue is pretty strong too and my lashes stayed on ALL day and night yesterday. Overall, one is thoroughly thrilled!! Do you wear false lashes? What's your fave brand to use?

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  1. Love the vest, the skirt and the tartan :D

    Love, When You Dream Big x

  2. I love this outfit, it's so on trend and can't believe how cheap each of the items are! The whole look is really classy :)


  3. I LOVE that tartan cropped tee Tasha, and from Primark eh! Must admit the one time I tried fake eyelashes one fell off half way through the night... not a good look... <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  4. You're such a stunner :) Love the tartan

    Ruth x

  5. these looks so great! love it from head to toe!


  6. Such a gorgeous outfit. I love your midi skirt and the touch of tartan x

  7. Eeep, that long vest looks so gorgeous on you, I love it with the tartan! I don't use falsies because I had an allergic reaction once but these ones look really pretty and natural! <3

    Tara xo


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