Thursday, 24 October 2013

#HighStreetHalloween: DEM BONES

With Halloween fast approaching, I've been trying to get my head around a relatively easy (and cheap) costume idea that I can get sorted before next Thursday. I've done the whole zombie thing before, dressed up as a cat, been a wicked witch and more - but this year I've decided that I may well just go all out and skeleton it up. Why not ay? I don't think you're ready, for this Skele... Ok maybe not. (Note for future: Destiny's Child + Skeletons do not mix). set me a little challenge to come up with a Halloween outfit from the online high street which totals £50. I'm pleased to say I managed it, just about! However I must admit it was quite challenging to find face paint, shoes, accessories and an outfit which (when combined) came to under that amount... EEK INFLATION! Now that's a scary thought right? Maybe next year I'll dress up as inflation?

C R E A T E   T H E   L O O K
F A C E: To create a skeletal facial look, why not use this Ghoul / Skeleton Face Paint Kit which is just £4 from Claire's Accessories? Add to the look by creating lines down your mouth with pencil eyeliner and use black eyeshadow for the darker shaded parts.

B O D Y: If you're feeling creative then purchase a plain black jumpsuit or dress (try this jumpsuit which is £11.99 from Missguided) and paint a skeleton design onto it using Luminous Paint £4.99 from Baker Ross! If you're not feeling up to the Art Attack challenge then give this skeleton dress from Missguided a go for just £14.99 (the Topshop version is £30, so you can save over half the price)!

Depending on whether you prefer flats or a bit of height on a night out (being a 5ft wonder I would probably opt for the latter), choose between these kick-ass studded Chelsea boots from River Island for £20 (reduced in the sale) or these amazing flatforms from Fashion Union which are a little more expensive at £32 (get 10% off if you're a student!) but are super cool, and you'd be able to get your wear out of them on a daily basis after the big night out!

A C C E S S O R I S E: How cool is this skeletal finger ring from Topshop? Ok, at £12.50 it's more expensive than the jumpsuit and only marginally cheaper than the dress HOWEVER it is super cool and Topshop offer student discount so no doubt you can get a couple of quid off!

Look One - Face Paint £4 + Jumpsuit £11.99 + Luminous Paint £4.99 + Flatform Shoes - 10% discount £28.80
= £49.78

Look Two - Face Paint £4 + Skeleton Dress £14.99 + Chelsea Boots £20 + Bone Finger Ring £12.50
= £51.49

Whaddya think? Will you be getting your Skeleton jig on next Thursday? 

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