Saturday, 19 October 2013

Outfit O'Clock #224 - Opposites Attract

UK fashion blogger styles boyfriend jeans UK fashion blogger styles boyfriend jeans UK fashion blogger styles boyfriend jeans UK fashion blogger styles boyfriend jeans
Boyfriend Fit Jeans - F&F at Tesco* £16 | Leopard Print Coat - River Island £15 (Previous January Sale purchase!) | White Cropped Tee - Miss Selfridge £10 | Colour Block Clutch - Matalan* £10 | Colour Block Shoes - Primark £12 | Necklace - New Look

It's Saturdaaaaaay!

Oh look! It's me stepping out of my comfort zone and wearing something that is truly the opposite to my normal 'granny' style. I actually like the outcome although it's taking me a while to get used to the idea of wearing boyfriend jeans out and about in public. I've always been brought up with the notion that boyfriend jeans are scruffy and should be used for when you're decorating or something, but I quite like the idea of wearing them with heels and a fur coat. It's a complete dichotomy - boyfriend jeans and opulence. But it works nicely. It's a nice dichotomy.

This coat was a massive bargain in the River Island January sale a few winters back. It was reduced from £80 to £15 - needless to say I snapped it up quicker than you could say 'Dot Cotton.' It's always been a bit 'oversized' on me and I nearly considered selling it last year as I felt like it was too big to wear out in public however I must've porked up or something because it seems to fit me better now.  Happy days for weight gain! (Put the cake down Tasha..)

What are your thoughts on this look? Yay, Nay or totes Cray?

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  1. You look SO classy! That coat was a real steal too! You look gorgeous xx

    Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion, Style and Beauty Blog

  2. I'm glad you stepped out your comfort zone you look amazing! Beautiful shoes and coat! X

  3. what a bargain! and I actually think that coat shrunk in your wardrobe...! haha nothing to do with you or your cakes! xx

  4. I love the shoes, they're beaut!!

  5. Helllloooo hotaaaay. I LOVE fur coats - this one looks cosy as. Love it with the boyfriend jeans too - bargainzzz.

  6. You really suit the boyfriend jeans!! And the coat looks great with them <3

  7. YESSSS this is so POIFECT. Also, I knew there had to be a positive side to weight gain... bring on the cheese x

  8. Ohhhh so glad you didn't sell! (Though if you ever do, I'm your gal.) <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  9. Those jeans look great on you


  10. Love your style <3 The heels & coat are amazing!!!

  11. Smitten with leopard print, you rock the look! Nice ensemble and great style!

  12. Omgosh, I love this so much!! What a bargain? You look so chic!!

    Tara xo


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