Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Outfit O'Clock #225 - Contrast

Bambi Print Dress (£35)* - Brat & Suzie | Yellow Jumper (Now £8)* & Sleeveless Biker (£22)* - F&F at Tesco | Pink Shirt - Forever 21 | Leggings - Primark | Cut Out Boots - Glamorous (£25)

You know when you have a complete mind blank in regards with what you're going to wear and you feel a bit ill (I've got a cold, bah) and then you just think to yourself 'I'm going to throw all of the contents of my wardrobe on today'..? Yeh? Well that's what happened this morning! I'm in love with this Bambi print dress from Brat & Suzie at the mo - it's casual, it's comfy and it's blinkin' well cosy. The three almighty C's. Plus it's covered in loads of mini Bambis which is an instant win. I feel so snug right now.

This weekend I was MIA in Edinburgh with fellow bloggers (or Burgerteers) Robyn & Amy.  Or Chobyn and Babybel if you want to skip the formalities. We had a whistle stop tour of Edinburgh in the space of 24 hours and managed to eat our body weight in Edinburgers* / Pasta / Pizza / Cookie Dough / French Toast / English Breakfast / Savoury Croissants. Yes, it would appear we all share an extreme love of food! There were also Strawberry Daiquiris present, the odd pot of midnight tea and (of course) a pure cack-yo-panties sesh in Edinburgh dungeons on Sunday morning! What better way to wake yourself up and prepare your mind for a monotonous five hour train journey home than by having people jump at you. Oh and of course, partaking in the infamous 'drop ride'...

*E-din-bur-ger: a delightful meaty burger found only in the depths of The Hard Rock Cafe, Edinburgh. Sometimes served with bizarre looking beans and cabbage...

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  1. Haha that Edinburgh dungeon picture :P I'm not so brave as
    you are unfortunate, but it sounds like you had a great time!
    Lovely vibrant look, love the little pink collar peeping out! Xx

  2. really cute skirt and top :) I love these photos! you look great!

  3. I love that yellow top and your contrasts in colours, shapes and especially those shoes! Love it! xxx

  4. Aloha fitty - look at 'chu! I bleedy love that dress - the print is crack-a-lackin'.
    Phahah this post did make a cackle a bit too much. And that dungeons photo is hilarious! I can't get over it hahaha, too gguuuuddd.
    Ps. IT's wonderful how large your bricks are.


    1. Hahaha in Telford the bricks are made by giants obvs...
      I'm not small or anything 8-)

  5. Your bambi print dress is the cutest! I love how you've layered it with the yellow sweater and cool vest. Everything works so perfectly together. I really love your shoes too.

  6. hahaha can't stop laughing at Robyn's brick comment. and at the photo. Basically, this whole post has given me a good old abs workout (which is must needed after that huge Edinburger) x

  7. You know how I love Brat & Suzie, it looks so cute as a dress! Oh gosh, Robyn's face in that picture - bahahahaha! Too much.

    Tara xo


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