Thursday, 17 October 2013

Outfit O'Clock #223 - Seeing Red

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Red 3D Floral Dress (As seen on TV) - Definitions Range from Very* | Leopard Print Belt - Primark | Strappy Heels - Primark | Feather Clutch Bag - Fiorelli | Hummingbird Watch - Olivia Burton

Q - What's more feminine than a red dress with 3D flowers and immense floaty fabric?! 
A - Nothing. Nothing is more feminine than that, duh!

Okay so granted this beaut of a dress from Very is a little too big for me. Note to self: In future get a big ass padded bra to fill the top half out a bit. For a size 8, I'd say it would be better suited to a 10, however there's still no denying that it's a very lovely and very well-made dress. The length is perfect as it hides my Sasquatch knees (yes I just compared my knees to that of a Sasquatch - what of it?) and the colour itself is so vibrant! I think it goes quite well with my hair colour, and I found the perfect lipstick to wear with it too in the form of Body Shop 'Colour Crush' Lipstick *Shade 105 / Coral Cutie*. Hoorah!

Seeing as this is quite a texture-terrific dress, I decided that it would be a good idea to get more texture on-the-go in the form of this feathered Fiorelli clutch bag. In my eyes: the more texture, the better. Once I'd found the perfect bag to accessorise the dress with, I thought that because I looked like I was holding a flattened crow in my hand, I may as well go all out and wear a leopard print belt. Animal vibes all round man. Totes.

It's a pretty simplistic outfit, nothing overly complicated just a classic evening look.
What are your thoughts on this outfit? Ciao for now! x

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  1. This is such a gorgeous dress. I love the 3D flowers and this shade of red is gorgeous on you. The leopard print belt is the perfect touch too! I sometimes end up with dresses that fit like this too. It's just the bodice being too long, but maybe a padded bra would help a little? Either way, it's a super pretty dress and great evening outfit.

    1. Thanks Jamie, yes I agree. I always struggle with the top half of dresses and jumpsuits being too long. It's a shame more places don't cater to petite body shapes!! xx

  2. Sweet pictures and a great look. Amazing dress. :)


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