Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Trend Report: Live A Little

Houndstooth and Leather Mix Top - £43 - Lavish Alice
Cut Out Mesh Boots - £59.99 - Zara
Smokey Fur Jacket - £125 - Littlewoods
Fur Cossack Hat - £22 - Topshop
Round Sunglasses - £16 - River Island
Leopard Print Boyfriend Jacket - £74 - Littlewoods
Leopard Print Skirt - £36 - Miss Selfridge

I'm getting all excited about winter now. I know I shouldn't because - let's face it - winter is pretty crappy. It's freezing cold, your hair goes all static from the gazillion jumpers you wear, your skin dries up into a shriveled mess (well mine does anyway), your knuckles split, the heating bill goes through the roof, all manner of germs are unleashed everywhere you go and then there's the general freezing cold British weather... A lot to look forward to really! Of course on the other end of the spectrum there is the small matter of choosing a new winter coat. This to me is the pinnacle of winter excitement (that and Christmas - I love Christmas).

Now maybe... emphasis on maybe... I get this excited because winter throws lots of rubbishness at me (please remember the endless months of getting up in the dark and leaving for work and then returning from work to yet more darkness) or maybe it's because I live a sheltered life, but I get really really really excited for buying myself a new winter coat. It takes me a good month to suss out which style I will choose, what colour I really like, etc. etc. (oh those important decisions!) but when I do find 'the chosen one' it's pure happiness on my part.

At the moment I'm rating Littlewoods' selection of coats (particularly the leopard print boyfriend coat above - dribble), Topshop's selection of hats (you can thank me for the heads up later) and Zara's amazing boots! Winter is in the bag m'dears! Which stores will you be heading to for your winter warmers this year?

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  1. Some lovely bits here! I want the hat!

    Bry x


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