Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Gift Guide & Inspiration: The BIG 5-0

50th birthday present ideas

It's my Mum's fiftieth birthday today (Happy Birthday Mother dear!) and so I thought I'd share a little gift inspiration for those of you who might have a female relative hitting the half-a-century-milestone anytime soon. I have to admit, when I first started considering what to get my dear Mother I was pretty clueless. Obviously a 50th birthday is a bit (ok 'very') special so I didn't feel like perfume, makeup, DVDs or bath products would suffice this time…

Angora Cashmere Jumper £99 from PURE
You can't go wrong with a nice luxurious Angora Cashmere piece! To be honest, all of these sweaters by Pure Collection are perfect for Mums, Aunties and family friends who are hitting a milestone birthday!

Boho Pop Mini Pastel Satchels £80 from Not On The High Street
Pastels will never go out of fashion so these lovely satchels, which are available in a whole range of candy-based colours, will go down a storm!

Vivienne Westwood Tartan Purse £130 from Selfridges
A Vivienne Westwood purse is the ULTIMATE designer treat, and it's not too costly either! 

Big Dial Mink and Rose Gold Watch £68 from Olivia Burton
I absolutely love Olivia Burton watches. Their vintage inspired wrist-candy (particularly this rose gold and mink number) will make the ultimate keepsake birthday present!

Cashmere Scarf £79 and Gloves £35 from PURE
More cashmere, but this time why not try a matching scarf and gloves set in this amazingly soft fabric?

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  1. Who wouldn't love an Olivia Burton watch for their birthday (or Christmas)!? <3

    Tara xo


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