Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Outfit O'Clock #228 // Smurf n Turf

Knitted Dress* - BANK // Faux Leather Jacket* - BANK // Cobalt Blue Beanie* - BANK // Faux Fur Scarf - H&M // Navy Boots* - F&F at Tesco // Tartan Trousers - River Island // Silver Chain - The Vintage Set // Triangle Ring - Ever Ours

If you're off to go and stand around a bonfire / watch some epic fireworks this evening then you'll definitely want to layer up! In fact, scratch that statement... If you're going anywhere at any point from now until March, you'll want to layer up.
That's more like it.

The lovely folk at BANK have kindly kitted me out with some winter essentials to keep me cosy this season and I have to say, I'm really liking my whole new look (as you can see from my interesting miniature-ghetto-princess pose in the first pic)! I've been after a half decent biker jacket for a while now but wanted something that was a bit longer than usual to cover the old rump. Then I spotted this bad boy on the Bank website and my eyes lit up like little moon beam pies. So poetic. This knitted dress is another fave which I've had my beady peepers on for a while now. I like that it can be worn as a dress with thick tights or as a longer length jumper with some funky trews! It's truly wondrous and the fabric is comfort-central!

In other news; Amy, Robyn and I were discussing the 'beanie-dom' a few weeks back (aka those beanies that run the risk of looking like you're wearing a condom on your noggin) and so I figured that it was probably time to join the beanie-dom contraceptive hat club. Here's my initiation into the club. Whaddya think? I like the fact that it's bright blue as it kind of makes me look like a Smurf.

Final thoughts: Smurfs are 'So On Trend'.

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  1. Haha I love the name of this post. This outfit is fab, I never look in Bank but I might have to now :) xx

  2. I think you pulled off the beanie excellently! haha x


  3. I love your outfit.
    Especially the tartan trousers.


  4. Love everything about this outfit, from the oversized top (I live in those at the moment) to the smurf hat. Fab x

  5. You have officially passed your initiation. Welcome.

  6. Awesome look!
    Love your blog!
    Following u dear<3


  7. You're babe-in' out here! I want that jacket and your dress looks super cosy. I have H&M's version of your skinnies but I need better ones like these since they're falling apart...Oh and thanks for ruining the way I look at beanie hats FOREVER. Hahaha!

    Tara xo

  8. You look so pretty honey, love everything about this outfit <3

  9. Love this outfit, the beanie is such a gorgeous colour! x


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