Saturday, 16 November 2013

Outfit O'Clock #232 - Winter Warmers

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Snow Angel Jumper* - French Connection at BANK
Black Jeans - River Island
Jersey Back Shirt* - Matalan £12
Ankle Socks, Necklace & Bracelet - Stylight Goodie Bag
Patent Lace Ups* - Shoe Zone £14.99
Tan Satchel - Cow Vintage

Winter has well and truly hit… By that I mean it's cold, my knuckles have starting splitting (gross) and my onesie has become the most-worn item of clothing in my wardrobe! But aside from being a complete pain in the ass, Mr Winter does have his uses… I mean, let's face it, you couldn't rock this totally cosy Snow Angel jumper in the summer now could you?

On a side note, I'm...
I love these so much... even if they are a bit 'Ronald McDonald'.

This weekend is a bit of a rushed one for me (you know the drill - so little time, so much to do!) as tomorrow afternoon I'll be heading down to London in readiness for a week long internship with The Times Fashion desk! Exciting! Apologies in advance if you don't see many blog posts going up over the next week, however I will be keeping you updated on the internship and other stuff via Twitter. :)

And finally...
A big shout out to Kavita (aka She Wears Fashion blogger extraordinaire) from Stylight who sent me a goody bag of personally selected items all of the way from Germany last week! Inside the goody bag were loads of little treats including these gorgeously intricate white lace ankle socks… They remind me of when I was about five! I love them haha :') Are any of you guys going to the Stylight party at the end of this month? Shout up if you are...

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  1. Really love this outfit, the necklace is so cute and the jumper is such a nice pattern! Love the socks and shoes together, been after a pair of docs but the price is so off putting but they seem so so perfect and a fraction of the price :) Lovely post!

  2. This is such a cute outfit!
    Really like it especially those frilly socks.


  3. I can't believe those shoes are from Shoe Zone, I was totally tricked into thinking they were DMs. Uh-mazing! I also love your fluffy jumper, it makes me want to give you a little squeeze.

    Tara xo

  4. Aawwww good old Kavita, I do love that little lady! I think I'm going, if so can't wait to see your face! xxx


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