Saturday, 21 December 2013

Last Minute Christmas Gift Inspo - Jana Reinhardt Jewellery

Hummingbird Ring* - Jana Reinhardt
Last orders to receive in time for Christmas are today - opt for Next Day delivery.

Just a quick blog post today folks as I have to clean the house (YAWN) in preparation for Christmas - how boring. Although this does mean that I get to reward myself with festive treats, and of course, Christmassy films later on (every cloud has a silver lining). I've been meaning to show you guys this new bit of finger bling I've been sporting of late, however time hasn't really been on my side (I only managed to finish my Christmas shopping last night) and so this post is a bit delayed!

This Hunger Games-esque* beauty from Jana Reinhardt is handmade in sterling silver and is so delicate - it makes for a pretty stocking filler for girlfriends, friends, sisters, etc etc! I have tiny hands / fingers so this looks really nice, especially when you've treated yourself to a nice manicure - something which I'd probably benefit from right now. I adore anything with Hummingbirds on and regular readers will know that I did own a really lovely Hummingbird motif watch from Olivia Burton however it recently went missing :( sad times! Thankfully this little gem of a ring is filling the void right now. And I think it's filling the void quite well.

Anywho, as mentioned I'm now off to go and clean! If you are in need of last minute gift inspo I'd definitely check out the Jana Reinhardt site. In the meantime, have a good weekend :)

*Hummingbirds / Mockingjays.. If you follow the Hunger Games you'll get my flow..

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  1. Lovee it!


  2. This is incredibly pretty :) I'm a huge fan of this type of jewellery.
    Amy x A Little Boat Sailing

  3. I love Hunger games and rings with birds on it, never saw the connection up until now :D

  4. N'awww that is just so pretty! Love delicate jewellery, especially with bird motifs.

    Hope you had a lovely Chrimble Tash! Let's meet up in Birmingham in the new year :)

    <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

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  6. This is a lovely ring, I have the necklace version! So dainty and cute! x

  7. beautiful idea!


  8. so lovely! i want one for myself aha


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