Saturday, 7 December 2013

Outfit O'Clock #237 - Tooty Fruity

Shift Dress* - So In Fashion £25
Orange Segment Clutch* - New Look SS14 Range
Black Fedora - Topshop £25
Shirt - H&M
Heels & Coat - Primark

Why hello there. How's it hanging? Today is pretty exciting for me as it's that momentous time of the year when my family and I put the Christmas tree up! YES!!! With this in mind, I'm going to keep this post relatively short as I've got a bucket load of Christmas-related stuff to do...

Above is a little taster of something I wore earlier this week. I thought I'd liven up a rather monochrome outfit with a pop of colour in the form of this neon shirt and orange clutch ensemble. The idea behind the whole 'colour pop addition' was mainly because I was really excited to utilise my orange segment clutch which I obtained from the New Look SS14 collection (which by the way, I'm very excited about) plus the clutch went really well with a Chanel lipstick I've been wanting to wear for a while. It's a no brainer really.

The shift dress that I'm wearing is from the So In Fashion Autumn Winter collection and I have to say, it's a very versatile dress. The print of the dress is what really attracted me to it - I also think it looks quite expensive and I like that this kind of dress can be worn all year round! It comes up quite short, which for me is ideal as I'm a 5ft wonder anyway, and the material can be quite clingy however I've managed to get around this by wearing a little black cotton skirt underneath which prevents the material from sticking to my legs. I think I must be super charged anyway because items of clothing that are prone to static always become 100x worse when I wear them.

I haven't kept this post short at all have I? Oh well…
I'm now off to go and do festive things (excitement implosion imminent). Currently facing a major dilemma about which Christmas jumper to wear though. Oh life's tough decisions...

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  1. loving the very fruity bag! and I put up my 6ft xmas tree the other day and it's blumming hard work! can't wait to see which xmas jumper you pick! xx

  2. The bag is so cute! I love accessories like that, it makes fashion less serious and more fun (how it should be!) x

  3. In love! I'm dying over the clutch bag, I need one so bad! Couldn't make the press day so I missed out! :(

  4. The shift is my favourite style dress - you look lovely darling!

    Elizabeth x

  5. You sound as excited as I was last week when I put my tree up :D You can't bottle that feeling!

    That clutch is incredible, I wonder if they do lemon versions...? xxx

  6. Oh golly, that clutch is too cute! I'm off to grab an orange juice.

    Tara xo

  7. Love the outfit!


  8. That is the cutest clutch bag! I need this in my life!

    Katie |


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