Thursday, 12 December 2013

Outfit O'Clock #238 - Throwback Thursday

Mint Jumper from The Vintage Set / Sleeveless Tailored Jacket, £15.59 from eBay / Burgundy Jeans, £6 from Warehouse (outlet at Cheshire Oaks)

Cluster Necklace & Square Solitaire Ring from Lola & Grace* / Embossed 'Sara' Satchel from Nica* / Leopard Print Shoes, £4 from Primark

This is not an actual 'Throwback Thursday' post as these pictures were in fact taken before I left for work this morning, however I figured I look like a bit of an old school throwback with my retro looking glasses and vintage, mint high-neck jumper (originating from the 60s no less) so that's the reason behind the title. I tried to add a bit of modernness to the whole affair by throwing on some leopard print ballet pumps, this tailored sleeveless jacket and my trusty burgundy skinnies. It's a strange mix but hey, I am a bit strange so I guess it's alright. Moving on...

Firstly can we all just appreciated this beautiful bit of bling? I've been a massive fan of Lola & Grace jewellery for a while now and so I was ├╝ber delighted when they dropped me an email asking if I'd like to try out this necklace and ring combo! The colours in the necklace happen to go perfectly with my mint jumper too. We're clearly meant to be together.

Next up I'd like to talk about my new spectacles (which many of you will have seen on good old Instagram yesterday). I recently went for an eye test after realising that I just couldn't see number plates properly anymore whilst driving (even with my contact lenses in) and after a quick check up at Specsavers they decided that my eyes have become even worse than their usual diabolical selves. And when I say diabolical I mean that my Grandad can see through my glasses perfectly and he's, ya know, older than me by a considerable amount. I needed some new glasses frames as my old ones were a bit naff and so I opted for these cat-eye-shaped bad boys by Replay. They're a bit granny and I could probably give Dame Edna a run for her (/his) money but I really like them. #DameEdnaForLyf

Whilst I'm talking about new things, I'd like to also introduce you guys to this satchel-shaped delight from Nica. I've been after a smaller handbag in black for ages now but I'd never really known which style to go for. This little gem is from their SS14 range and I have to say, I'm really taken with the floral/leafy embossed print. I think it's very tasteful and will fit in so well with the rest of my wardrobe. It's right up my street! Plus it's not like your standard bulky bag... When I'm carrying my camera case around I don't enjoy carrying a massive handbag as well so this is the perfect solution!

This week has been quite a good week in terms of monumental happenings. I've had an article published in the January edition of Company Magazine which I'm OVER THE MOON about (the magazine is out now), I've got an internship at ELLE in the bag and it was my Grandma's 70th birthday yesterday so there have been various celebratory activities going on. Busy busy! This weekend I'm off to London to visit the boyf and all being well we shall be heading over to Winter Wonderland to see what it's all about on Friday evening! Happy days! How's your week been? Have you got much planned for the weekend?

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