Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Stocking Fillers: Under Twenty Squid

Apologies for being MIA this week. Like the rest of the population, I've been spending every moment that I'm not at work panic buying. You know that thing you do where you haven't got a clue what to get for people so you go on a mad shopping expedition? Yeh? That's what I've been doing! Trying to budget per person has been an absolute mare too. I'm rubbish at that kind of stuff!

Anyways, as a weird form of blogger apology for being rubbish I decided to put together a little 'stocking filler' list of some pretty neat items for under £20. So if you're going into panic buying mode like myself, then this may help you out! Subsequently, it might not, but hey..

Ear Muffs from Uniqlo £9.90
I've always wanted ear muffs so when these bad boys came in the post I was pretty thrilled. I've always found that no matter what style / make of ear muffs I've tried, they've never sat properly over my ears (I must have a strange shaped head). But these do! They fit really well. They're also really warm and as a sufferer of ear ache in the colder weather, these are my furry ear saviours right now!

Floral Tea Hamper from Whittard £15
Tea lovers everywhere rejoice. Whittard is having a sale, and this little floral hamper is included! Reduced from £30 to £15, the hamper includes loose Afternoon Black Leaf Tea, a special 'spring action' tea infuser and a lovely floral print mug. Combined with the super pretty packaging this makes a perfect gift for someone who loves their afternoon tea and scones!

Fairisle Print Onesie from New Look £17
By far the comfiest onesie with a rather festive print and to top it all off it's now been reduced in the New Look sale. This lovely bit of leisurewear is fleece lined and will keep you (or your gift recipient) extremely toasty through the colder months!

iPower Station for iPod / iPhone from IWOOT £12.99
This would probably be my ideal gift purely because I'm forever using my phone on the train to catch up with pals or do social media bits for my blog and then the battery dies. Every. Single. Time… Portable phone chargers FTW.

For the beauty enthusiasts amongst us... I swear by Ecotools makeup brushes as they are super soft on your skin (I'm prone to rashes, call me Rashy Tashy) and they're eco friendly too! Oh hey nice face.

Laces Undies from Monki - Bra £10, Briefs £5
Everyone needs undies. These are funky and as a set come to a mere £15. Bargainz!
Hear that noise? That's the sound of your bank balance thanking me.

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  1. Oh man those lace underwear are perfect. I need a set like that in my life. I'm loving those onesie pajamas too. They're really the coziest type of pajama around.


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