Saturday, 1 February 2014

Night out prep - party hair with ghd

ghd Jewel Styler

I get random comments about my hair on Instagram and Twitter every now and then. Often people want to know about where I have it cut, or how the colour is the way it is, or how I style it etc etc... Now I'm going to let you guys into a bit of a secret about the whole hair thing, the truth is that my hair is the last thing I think about in the morning and it's usually just styled with a half-arsed straightening attempt and a bit of hair spray - please note, this isn't because I'm lazy, it's because  I always run out of time and hair styling is the last thing I do in the morning.

Recently I've been interning at ELLE and I've felt that I might need to up my game in the hair style stakes as everyone has incredibly good hair.  Cue, being sent some amazing ghd hair straighteners / styling apparatus from Best British Bloggers (my heroes!). I went out last Saturday and decided to give my new hair-miracle-workers a whirl. I have to say, I was very impressed...

Now, I often have my hair straight. In fact, I've always had really straight hair - which becomes quite boring after some time. Last Saturday I decided I wanted to go for a loose wave with a bit of oomph (aka volume). Having naturally straight hair also tends to mean my hair is pretty lifeless in terms of volume. I have to spend quite a long time back combing the shit out of my roots in order to get even the smallest amount of volume - fun. So I decided to opt for a style that would be voluminous and wavy and just generally unlike my natural hair style.

I call this look... THE WAVE MACHINE

To achieve this style I basically split my hair into two sections - top layer and bottom layer. I curled individual pieces from the bottom layer (about 2 fingers in width) and hair sprayed them lots. Then I did the same to the top layer and again, hair sprayed lots. Then I brushed my hair so as to loosen the curls and make them into more of a wave rather than just hair-sprayed, individual curls. Once I'd brushed it through, I back combed the roots and hair sprayed it all over. Then to give it a bit more staying power, I lightly back combed the ends and hair sprayed again. And voila...

If you're off out this evening then hopefully this mini-tutorial will be of use to you :)
Happy Saturday folks!

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*in collaboration with ghd

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  1. Beautiful look, I also love the ombre caramel colour in your hair, it really suits you. I do this look on myself but I'm a hot roller girl, my hair runs in fear of the straighteners!

    Katie |

  2. Love the look! The hair looks amazing :)


  3. Love this! So jealous that you got sent ghds!
    Love Zoe x


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