Saturday, 8 February 2014

Outfit O'Clock #242 - #DareToBare... Moi?

  Metallic Skirt, £10 from BANK* / Shirt Dress from Zalando / Vagabond Boots, £80 from Office / Watch from Olivia Burton / Tanned Pins c/o Sunkissed Self Tan Mousse (£4.99) 


Hope all is well and dandy with you? Today's post is like a beauty review / outfit post merged into one hybrid funktastic blog post. YEE HAA. A while back I was sent this metallic skirt and a bottle of Sunkissed fake tan. The idea being that even though it's winter, you can still get your pins out - and without looking like Casper (the friendly ghost) too. Winner.

Yesterday I decided to trial my new bit of fake tan, and because it was kind of sunny (compared to the incessant rain we've been having lately) I thought 'yeh alright, I'll get my legs out.' And here we are...

Aside from looking marginally turdy after being dispensed onto my tanning mitt, the Sunkissed bronzing mousse is wonderful for two reasons...
1) It doesn't smell of biscuits, it smells nice - possibly even good enough to eat.
2) Streaks? Nuh huh sunshine. No streaks in this neighbourhood.

These photos were taken roughly 20 minutes after application and you can immediately see that my legs are darker than my face (I purposely kept my face un-tanned so that you could see the difference). Obviously in natural light, the tan doesn't show up as dark as it does indoors - however you can still see a variation. It goes without saying that over time the tan does develop more, and today my legs are looking pretty bronze-alicious. I look like a sun-kissed goddess from the waist down. OOOOOMPH. Now it's probably worth doing the top half of me so I don't look completely weird.

Compare and contrast one's legs...

Are you a fan of faking it in winter? What are your go-to tanning products?
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  1. You look amazing and that tan looks lovely :D x

    Catherines Loves

  2. Fake tan is one of those things that scares me too much to have ever tried! This one does look so easy though that I might be pursuaded to try it...x

  3. LOVE that outfit, the skirt is gorgeous!! The tan looks great too!Xx

    Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion, Style and Beauty Blog

  4. I tend to keep it au natural in the winter but this is a nice glow and HOW cheap is that tanner!? Bargainess.

    Tara x

  5. TANALICIOUS. I hate smelling like some kind of biscuit after using fake tan, so this sounds like a goodun!
    Your rather fab boots might go missing. I'm thinking of nicking / squashing my fat feet into them. They're just so perfect!
    LOVE YA xxxx

  6. Haha I'm definitely guilty of only fake tanning from the waist down! That skirt is so BEAUT too.
    Gillian · x

  7. Tanning TERRIFIES me, so the easier and risk-free the better haha! You look like you've just got back from the Carribean bubs, but oh so natural! <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  8. I love that skirt!! You look so lovely. I always use St Moritz, it's really good and under a fiver so such a bargain. Although I must admit, it does smell like biscuits.
    Love Alana


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