Sunday, 23 February 2014

Outfit O'Clock #245 - Dotty About The Shirt

Polka dot shirt, £30 from Poppy Lux* / Polka dot skirt, £12 from Cow Vintage / Mint green blazer, £12 from Primark / T-bar shoes, £32 from Topshop (similar version here) / Karen Millen belt, £4 from vintage shop in York / Vintage bag, £5 from Ironbridge Antiques and Arts Centre

I feel quite pleased with myself. Firstly because I managed to match my lips to my shirt and shoes (I love a good bit of colour matching every now and then). Secondly, I've actually got a hair style that isn't just my generic down 'do. WAHEYYY.

This is my attempt at a 50s inspired look. It's a bit crazy with the colour combo of vibrant red, mint green and navy, however I quite like it. The shirt, from Poppy Lux, is by far my favourite wardrobe item at the moment. I love the fact that you can wear it with a midi skirt for a retro look, or with jeans and a leather jacket for an outfit that's a little more modern. It's pretty versatile! Plus it goes with my Body Shop lipstick (shade - Coral Cutie). Happy days.

This weekend has been awesome as I went back home briefly and got to meet the newest cat-shaped addition to our family! Sooty is a one year old, RSPCA rescue cat who was hit by a car when he was 6 months old and had to have a £700 operation on his back leg as it was completely shattered. Since then, he's been stuck in a cattery in Market Drayton, patiently waiting for someone to give him a home. I was recently browsing the RSPCA website and spotted him in the re-homing section, and with a lot of persuasion from me, my parents agreed to go and visit him. Needless to say, it didn't take them long to re-home him! He's a bit of a crazy being (with plenty of energy), he has a swagger walk (which I presume is from the accident) and his one pupil is bigger than the other (like David Bowie, the cat version) but he's slotted into family life pretty well. You'll probably notice that colouring-wise, he looks quite a bit like our late cat, Coco. It's quite a common occurrence that black cats are always the last to be re-homed, mainly because a lot of people are superstitious when it comes to their colouring. In our case, we know from experience that all of that is complete rubbish, so we were more than happy to give Sooty a home. That guy is a funky little feline.

In other news, I'm now London-bound (on the train as we speak) and ready for another week of interning at ELLE, which by the way, is the most amazing place to work ever. I would definitely recommend applying for an internship there if you're into fashion and writing. I think over the next week I'm going to try and get a post up offering advice for getting internships in the fashion magazine industry, I know a few people have left comments or tweeted me asking to write about it, so that's what I aim to do! Stay tuned petit pois xxx

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  1. This is a gorgeous outfit, I love polka dots! I'm also lovin' Sooty, it's so sad that he was hit by a car - it breaks my heart when things like that happen :-( But I'm glad he's happy now, sounds like he's in the best home and getting lots of cuddles :-) x

  2. How lovely is that blazer, such a bargain too! Lovely outfit x

    Lauren // What Lauren Says

  3. Aww love the two lots of polka dots!
    Such a cute outfit!
    Love the sandals.


  4. Such a lovely outfit! Sooty looks like such a sweetheart, so glad to hear that he's finally found a loving home! :)

  5. I'm so in love with this outfit. You made double polka dots look so cool! I definitely want to try something like this soon. I have a really similar skirt already. Your little red shoes are adorable too.

  6. Love your polka dots combo! The red t-bar shoes are lovely too-I'm after a pair like that myself :)
    N'aww Sooty is SO cute, I'm glad he's settling in.
    Rachelle x

  7. Loooooooved your outfit and your blog! :)


  8. Lovely outfit i have quite the same but... In différent Colors ! Haha

    Nice blog,
    Cheers from Paris



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