Thursday, 6 February 2014

Roses are red...

Rucksack, £19.99 from Missguided // Pink Floral Shoes, £90 from Dr Martens // Printed Midi Dress, £169 from Ted Baker // Phone Case, £10 from Claire's Accessories // Daisy Print Dress, £13 from Primark

G O O D  A F T E R N O O N

I'm sure you've all heard that Valentine's Day is fast approaching. The numerous love-themed press releases might have been one give away, or perhaps the fact that everywhere you turn there are red and pink colour schemes, shit loads of love hearts and oodles of flowers on display. If you've been lucky enough to avoid all of this so far then you're doing well (although I doubt any of you have managed to avoid it, and if you have then it sucks to be you right now as you're about to become immersed... Oh shucks!). There's no escaping it - the month of lurvveeeee has well and truly arrived.

To celebrate Valentine's Day (and not because I love the idea of florals - okay well maybe a bit) I've trawled the 'New In' sections of various online retailers to see what floral goods they're sporting this month. I must admit, I'm pretty pleased with my findings (so modest)...

The Ted Baker dress will make a gorgeous outfit for any date night. The Dr Martens shoes are just generally adorable (but could be worn on a more casual kinda date - the cinema for example). And then the Claire's Accessories iPhone case is just... well... pretty. And if you're going to be receiving lots of texts from your crushes (or crush if you're like me and tend to just stick to the one. One's enough trouble, right?) then you'll probably want a pretty case to pop your phone in. No brainer.

Have you spotted any must-have floral finds this season? SHARE THE GOODIES. Comment below and lemme know what flowery fashions you're coveting...

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  1. The Ted Baker dress is beautiful!


  2. i can't believe that daisy dress is primark, it's so pretty!
    S x
    Studs On Saturday

  3. I've found you, huzzah! I love that TB dress, I spotted another floral beaut of theirs instore yest - if only I had more dollars!

    Tara x

  4. Love the floral DMs!
    And I love the daisy Primark dress.



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