Saturday, 8 March 2014

Outfit O'Clock #246 - Midnight Blue

Sequin dress, £45 from Lashes of London* / Leather-look jacket, £60 from River Island (similar version here) / Vagabond boots, £80 from Office shoes / Bowler hat, £5 from Forever 21 

Going out this weekend? I'm tempted to. At the moment I'm back home, as my internship at ELLE magazine has now come to an end. *Sob!* I've recently been playing around with the idea of dressing down glam dresses for nights out, I think London life has definitely had an affect on me. Everything in the 'big city' is much more relaxed and chilled out, evening outfits are often toned down and as for the vast number of girls who wear flats to go out in (after all, who wants to take the tube in heels?) - it's pretty amazing. So I figured I'd take inspo from the London-lot and style my own LDN night-out look.

This Lashes of London dress is pretty funk-tastic. It's got cut-out detailing on either side and a kick ass amount of sequins, makin' me feel all sassy. I bravely removed my jacket for one photo to be able to show you guys the cut out bits *cue me freezing my butt off*. The things I do for you, ay? The dress itself is really nice, I particularly love the colour. The only downside to the design is that because of my small frame, the elastic around the waist area is a little too big for me. But that's a minor thing, and of course, it's my own fault for being a Hobbit. Grow Tasha, grow!

Anywho, here's my (slightly hilarious) formula for wearing a nice evening dress 'styled down'. It goes with pretty much anything:

Bowler hat (great for if it rains and also for hiding snacks underneath) + ankle boots (comfortable yet smart and they add a bit of height) + evening dress (obvs a key contributor, otherwise nakedness would occur) + leather jacket (for warmth and to look generally cool - make like a rock star).


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  1. Perfect outfit for an evening out, the dress is lovely! I do also like the hat snack trick ha x

  2. I love lashes of london, they are my go-to for party/night out dresses! x

  3. You look amazing Tasha, that dress is perfect on you!

    Lorna | xx

  4. Sweet pictures and a lovely look - amazing dress! :)

  5. That dress is beautiful and I love your jacket!!

    Tara xo

  6. I know exactly what you mean about the more laid back look in London. I did a three month internship in Marble Arch and definitely noticed this whenever I went out (which wasn't often but you know haha).

    Love Lashes of London and you look so pretty :)

    Ruth x

  7. so happy to have stumbled (somehow?!) upon your lovely blog! now following. Loving your eclectic style and great wardrobe!!
    Im hosting a lovely giveaway on my blog if you fancy swinging over and looking (£200 of Hush london clothing!) :)xx


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