Saturday, 1 March 2014

T R A V E L - Secrets of Sorrento

Ok so it's been quite some time since I visited Sorrento, however I feel that a little blog post about the gorgeous Italian coastal town could still be quite useful - regardless of how late it is! To recap, last October I travelled to Italy with my parents to celebrate my Mum's 50th birthday. Firstly we visited Rome (view the blog post here) to get a taste of life in the capital city and then we travelled down (via super fast bullet train) to Sorrento to chill out for the remainder of our stay.

First impressions of Sorrento: small, quiet and rather retro. The town has certainly made an effort to keep in touch with it's past. 1920s inspired hotels, vintage scooters, 50s-themed ice cream parlours and traditional Italian toy shops line the narrow streets. I kid you not, it's like stepping into an episode of Poirot - I loved it.

We went in October which meant the weather was slightly cooler although it was still warm - I got my legs out on the regz. If you venture to Sorrento during high season, it's bound to be pretty packed and also rather expensive. There are so many benefits of going out of season, so if you can, I'd suggest you do!

As well as being a pretty Italian coastal town, Sorrento is well known for... lemons! Fans of the citrus fruit will be delighted to hear that there are no end of lemon-flavoured delights on offer in traditional lemon shops dotted along the 'high street'. Lemon bon bons, lemon soap, lemon liqueur, even lemon chocolate! It's a lemon lover's dream.

Once you've trawled the endless shops, galleries, cafes and restaurants - the latter being the perfect venues for people watching (a favourite pastime of mine) - there are also a plethora of gorgeous islands dotted about along the nearby coast, ready to be explored. Unfortunately time didn't allow us a trip to an island on this occasion, however I've heard many good things about Capri...

 Another place that is well worth taking a trip to is Pompeii. The level of detail preserved in the historic, Roman town is out of this world. You'll find statues, buildings, mosaic floors and even - sadly - the people who perished when Mt Vesuvius erupted thousands of years ago.

P L A C E S  T O  D I N E

If you want traditional Italian cuisine, tucked away in the hills of Sorrento, try Ristorante Donna Sofia. The food (and wine) is incredible and they offer a shuttle bus service to take you to and from your hotel. Plus there are lots of pretty pictures of Sophia Loren lining the walls. You can't argue with that.

If you want ice cream and real Italian gelato try Gelateria Davide.

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  1. Looks gorgeous!

  2. looks so beautiful! and I love the photos!

  3. Sorrento looks so lovely! Your photos are gorgeous :) Makes me want to go there!

    Thanks for sharing with us your trip!


  4. Oh my goodness, you look absolutely beautiful! And so does Sorrento, obv - really useful post, and I definitely have wanderlust now!! T xx


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