Tuesday, 24 June 2014

#266 - Kimono Vibes

Kimono from BANK* // Crochet dress, £35 from BANK* // Puma suede trainers in grey, £55 from BANK* // Tassle handbag, £18 from La Moda* // Marc Jacobs sunglasses from The Sunglasses Shop*

Glastonbury is just around the corner - along with 3054945667 other festivals - and so I figured that a festival fashion themed blog post might be quite relevant and rather useful right about now (here's hoping). 

You may have read my relatively amusing yet ranty blog post about festivals a month back, in which case, you'll know that music festivals aren't 100% my thang. However there is one thing that I actually like about festivals (other than the music) and that 'thing' is festival style. You see, there are only a handful of occasions in the real world where dressing a bit 'hippy' is socially acceptable (unfortunately work is not one of them - and I spend the majority of my time there). So when festival season rears it's head, I'm all over the hippy-hype like a powerful moss. Or even a rash. The point is, I'm all over it. Hippy Hinde is what they call me. When I say 'they', I actually mean no-one...

You see, during festival season, anything goes. So, if I want to turn up at the pub or go shopping in this outfit - it's fine! Because festivals are happening and that's what people wear. Tassles (not of the nipple variety), crochet,  kimonos and braided hair becomes 100% acceptable. YEAH BOI. (Ok saying 'yeah boi' is never acceptable. I'm sorry.) And as for these trainers; ultimate festival footwear right there (providing it doesn't rain). These sneakz are so comfortable that I could quite happily climb into them, curl up in a ball and have a snooze. And comfort is certainly key when you have to walk through endless fields, camp sites and arenas without accruing a bucket load of blisters. Am I right, or am I right?

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  1. I just love this look! It's great and I adore the kimono paired with the dress Stephanie

  2. That white dress is beautiful, great look!!!

    Kathleen @ Made In The 1990's.

  3. That kimono is stunning, I'm such a fan of those :)
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing


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