Thursday, 26 June 2014

#267 - My Soul Sister

Lisa wears: Monochrome jumpsuit, £34.99 from Missguided* // Court shoes (now £75) from Vivienne Westwood // Necklace from Topshop

Tasha wears: Feather hem dress, £39.99 from Missguided* // Black leather heels (now £34) from Office // Clutch bag, £29.99 from New Look* // Necklace, £14.99 from H&M // Sleeveless jacket from H&M (similar version here)

You Got Soul, Sista.

Introducing my yummy mummy of a best friend, Lisa. This young lady gave birth to a gorgeous little boy less than six months ago and has been run off her feet since, however she still manages to look incredible - especially in this Missguided monochrome jumpsuit. Wowzers. Awoooga. Hot momma. She's the girl who's been there for me through thick and thin. Who has laughed with me and cried with me (oh yes!). The girl who has held my head out of the toilet and fed me TUC biscuits after one too many (you stay classy Miss Hinde). She's the girl who bought tickets to see Rihanna to cheer me up after a bad break-up. And the girl who endured endless pool bingo with me in Gran Canaria (I'm a granny at heart). This blog post is dedicated to her. 
There have been hundreds of hilarious moments throughout our friendship, which began when I hit the ripe old age of sixteen and worked at River Island (Lisa was my supervisor, she used to shout orders at me down the radio - GIRL BOSS!). Some of her finer moments have been etched onto my brain, for example when she proclaimed that Aberdeen was in Holland. Then there was the time when Lisa was sat in her car drinking Lucozade and she managed to spill it all down herself. So she took her leggings off and drove all the way home (a 40 minute journey) in her knickers, t-shirt and white Dame Edna sunglasses. There was also the time that I asked Lisa to pull her car forward slightly on her driveway so that I could park my car behind her, and she managed to almost crash into her house. Thankfully (?!) there was a huge plant pot in the way so she smashed into that instead.

Friendship & Growing Up

I don't know if this is the general consensus among you, but as I'm getting older it feels like my friends are few and far between. I actually read a piece last night over on Emma Gannon's blog called 'Being in your twenties is like a friendship massacre' which basically sums up the fact that once you hit your twenties, the days of having large, extensive friendship groups are numbered. This is usually due to work pressures, relationships, people moving away etc. and your friendships either stay afloat, or sadly, drift apart. Thankfully, the majority of my close friends have still remained close, and Lisa is probably the one person who has remained the closest. She's always been there for me, and still is. Even though she's now a busy mum and has her own house, partner and life to crack on with, she still makes time for me. And that, to me, is bloody wonderful.

Now enough about Lisa (if she reads this, her head might get a little big). I want to know a bit more about you guys. Who's your soul sister? And what's your funniest memory together? Share the goss!

A huge thanks to Missguided for prompting me to write this post and for providing us with some beautiful evening-wear, we had a whale of a time dressing up and snapping pics together :)

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