Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Morocco Series (Part 5) - FES


Fes is a very beautiful city which is split into two parts: a new town and the old medina. It's less 'touristy' than Marrakech and therefore everything is more laid back (so basically there's far less hassling going on there). As well as being a cheap place to fly to - we flew with Ryanair and it cost roughly £35 each - Fes is close to some interesting attractions such as Volubilis (pictured below) which is an ancient Roman settlement and Chefchaouen (a town which is full of blue buildings, like something out of the Smurfs - ohh yehhh).

If you're thinking of taking a trip to Fes, I'd definitely recommend staying at Dar Dalila. We stayed there in the Yamna suite and it was incredible. The guy who owns the guest house is super helpful, his staff were extremely hospitable (a nothing-is-too-much-trouble attitude goes a long way), and the food there was wonderful too. Mirian cooked us a beautiful lamb tagine with apricots and dates which was awesome. All in all, it was my fave accommodation of the trip. 

Things to do in Fes

:: Visit the Old Medina, although I'd suggest you get a guided tour as it's a maze down there (we got lost). We had a four hour tour and paid 240dh (approx £20).
:: Visit the leather tanneries.
:: Check out the places where they make things by hand - carpets, shoes, Argan oil products, etc.
:: Visit the oldest Mosque in Africa.
:: Haggle for some Moroccan goodies!

Places to eat in Fes

:: Cafe Clock - for atmosphere and modern dishes.
:: Chez Rachid - for people watching and tasty yet cheap grub.
:: The Ruined Garden - for a romantic setting.

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