Tuesday, 1 July 2014

#269 - Art Curator

Bauhaus print structured top, £43.56 from Front Row Shop* // High waisted jeans from Primark // Black vintage-style grab bag, £58 from Nica* // Black flatforms, now £18 in the sale from Fashion Union // Watch from Accurist

Introducing my ideal work outfit which comprises a structured tee with a wacky Bauhaus print going on, my 'uplifting' skinnies from Primark (which apparently lift your butt up?!) and this gorgeous, vintage-style bag from Nica. It's simple, but effective. I feel arty. Perhaps I can now get a job as an art curator? Or any London-based creative job for that matter? 

Moving on...

In hair-related news, I'm growing my fringe out and it's becoming quite the challenge. It's now at the length where it's a bit too long for my retro curtain fringe thang, so I'm having to pin it back instead. The only issue is that I keep getting straggly bits popping down to say hello and tickling my forehead. Or if I do try and brave the curtains, they just go a bit mental and flop around in the most annoying fashion. Tis mehkin' meh bonkerz. So I thought I'd throw this big Q out to the world wide web: have any of you lovely ladies got any superb tips for growing fringes? For example, any interesting ways of pinning your fringe back off your face without just scraping it back? 

If you have then I'm all ears...

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  1. Really great style, and pretty top!

  2. Stunning look. Sophisticated and elegant, I agree. Great for work. You'll super chic and fun.


  3. that top is amazing, and i love the cut of it!

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  5. That top is lovely, I find it really unusual which is a good thing :)
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  6. That top is so nice, beautiful cut and print!



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