Monday, 7 July 2014

A Techy Kinda Post: Nomad Charge Cards

Charge cards. Not necessarily the most interesting blog post topic, however I find that it's quite an essential topic all the same. 

In a culture where we are constantly insta-snapping, facebook updating, tweeting, lookbooking, spotifying, whats-apping (and all of the other appropriate social-media-related verbs that we've come to know and love), it comes as no surprise that our little smart phone batteries just can't hack the pace anymore. I know my iPhone definitely can't. I'll get to about 2pm on a normal working day and my phone battery will have slowly drained away to about 29%. On days when I'm attending blog events or travelling for long periods of time on the train (with nobody but my iPhone for company), the battery drainage process is FAR quicker. I've often had to carry my phone charger around in my bag so that I could whip it out whenever the iPhone juices began to run low. Thankfully, most of the time I could charge up on the train without hassle or mooch into a Costa to 'grab a coffee' (read: utilise their plug sockets). But that was before this happened...

Throwing a spanner in the works...

Unfortunately, the original phone charger that I had when I first got my iPhone (read: the one that would fit in my handbag) broke a fair while ago. This resulted in me having to make an impromptu trip to PC World, and because of their lack of 'normal' phone chargers (who does that really? who doesn't stock standard iPhone chargers?! pfft!), I then had to fork out for an iPhone charger which had a whopping three (yes THREE!!!) metres of cable. And thick cable at that. It's pretty hefty with all of that excess cable, and funnily enough, it's far from ideal for lugging around in your handbag. Forget about carrying a clutch with this bad boy of a phone charger, it just ain't happening. Oh iPhone gods, why do you do this to me?

So, when Nomad got in touch with me about reviewing their charge cards and charge keys, I was pretty excited to say the least. Mostly because I knew in the back of my mind that the days of not being able to carry a phone charger in my handbag would soon be behind me. My inner geek did a fist pump.

Since receiving the NomadCard and NomadKey, they've been firmly positioned in my handbag meaning that I've had peace of mind when out-and-about. The NomadCard is ideal for keeping in your purse, and the NomadKey (the smaller of the two) has a loop which can be attached to a keyring - basically, you can keep these two little pieces of techy-joy on you at ALL times.

The USB function is super handy as you can plug them into all manner of things including the original white iPhone plug (you know, the plug bit with the USB port), USB ports in cars and laptops. Small and easy-to-use with all manner of devices? Perfecto! And the fact that I can banish my 3 metre long cable to my 'old tech drawer' makes me happier than Larry himself. I'm going to hail these wonderful pieces of kit as a travel essential. And most importantly, a blogger essential.

* * * * *
Verdict - 5/5

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  1. Er, this looks like something I need right now. How much 'charge' do you find they hold? This is the perfect thing for festivals, although I'd probably need to buy about 10 because I have the same problem as you of sub 20% battery life by lunch time on a standard day! | YouTube

  2. Oh wait, I'm being a bit silly I think, they don't store charge do they, they're just handier chargers to carry! Still something I absolutely need, though! | YouTube


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