Sunday, 10 August 2014

Tasha x ELLE Magazine: Life Changes

Hello interweb dwellers. How's it going? Today's post is a personal one as I feel like I owe it to you all to explain why on earth I'm not posting as regularly (read: at all) at the moment and why my social media presence has diminished rapidly. The fact is, I haven't fallen into a big hole or been kidnapped or anything; I'm just embarking upon a new chapter in my life. Big changes are happening and so I haven't been able to prioritise blogging at the top of my (very long) list of things-to-do.

You see, at the moment I'm living in London with Jack and I'm doing a spot of interning at ELLE magazine on all things digital and social. The gig is short term (until the end of August) and in that time I'm hoping to spread my Tasha-sized-tentacles and find a permanent job in the Big Smoke. The thing is, I've been meaning to take this step for about a year now but I just haven't had the balls to do it. I've been living and working in Telford - some would say in my comfort zone - and I've found it extremely difficult to stay motivated and happy. This was because I knew that my dream career was waiting for me in London. Plus, the second pea to my pod was living and working in London, doing all the things that I didn't have the bottle to do, and the whole long distance relationship thing was making things increasingly difficult between us.

I was comfortable back in Telford, surrounded by family and friends (very important aspects of my life), but something huge was missing. I felt unhappy a lot of the time, my relationship with Jack was strained (there's only so much of a relationship you can have through Whatsapp), my social life was none existent and it came to a tipping point recently where I knew that things really had to change. Eventually I came to realise that I was the only person who could make those changes. So I did. I began putting my feelers out for jobs in London; and then (completely out of the blue) I received an email from the very lovely Leisa at ELLE magazine asking if I'd be interested in working with her on and ELLE's social media for the next month. I was absolutely thrilled and so my answer was obviously YES! To me, it felt like a sign and it definitely couldn't have come at a better time.

Since working at ELLE, I feel like I've learnt a lot about writing (particularly digital content), managing social media and just enjoying life. It's been a real eye-opener and I've absolutely loved every moment. It's really uplifting to see your name on something, and so every time I write a story for the site I get that sense of satisfaction. When I'm researching story ideas and I get feedback from Leisa - it feels good to know that I'm helping lighten her workload and, of course, that she likes my ideas! When I was chosen to take part in office street style, or to be photographed wearing the new Roland Mouret x Banana Republic collection, which ended up on the homepage of ELLE for all to see (above), it gave me a sense of purpose and felt like I really fitted in as part of the team. At ELLE, you're not just an intern*, or a freelancer, but you're part of the bigger picture and even though your role might only be temporary, you're still a part of Team ELLE. It might seem like a small thing, but it can be the difference between fitting in during your time with a company, or just feeling like a bit of an outsider (which can be the case in some internships).

*Not meaning to go off topic, but I'd definitely suggest interning at ELLE - especially if you're looking to embark upon a career in editorial, journalism, magazine design, fashion or on a magazine / newspaper pictures desk. If you are interested in an internship there, drop me an email and I'll try and help you out.

What I've learnt this month is that if you're not happy with a certain situation, then you can't rely on others to change that - you definitely have to do it for yourself. Make that change and things will start to fall into place for you. Moving to London (or anywhere in fact) is such a big deal, but sometimes you just have to think to yourself - what have I got to lose, really? I've also been trying to focus on thinking positively about my future instead of doubting myself and my abilities. It's such a small change to make, but it's made a huge difference - not just in my daily life, but in my relationship too.

Here's to being positive, making big leaps and looking forward to what the future holds! x


  1. Congratulations, that's brilliant! So happy for you chick!

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  2. This is amazing and good on you for going for it!


  3. Well done on making the change and the job! I did wonder where you'd gone off too xxx


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