Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Things To Do In Ella And Udawalawe - Sri Lanka Travel Diary #2

Hello again, it's time for part two of my Sri Lanka holiday breakdown. EXCITING! 

This post is all about our stay in Ella, Sri Lanka, which is a small town surrounded by hills and beautiful scenery (see above if you don't believe me). Surprisingly, for such a small place, Ella is very popular with tourists - in fact, I feel like we saw more travellers than locals there. There are a handful of trendy bars, nice restaurants, coffee shops and lots of interesting things to do. 

We spent two nights in Ella overall, which meant we had half a day to mooch around on the day we arrived (day four), followed by one full day (day five). We stayed at a place called the Mountain Heavens hotel which I'd definitely recommend. The rooms are big, it's not too expensive, and the view is probably the best I've experienced. Ever. 

Exhibit A. Day time.

Exhibit B. Sun rise. 

During our short stay in Ella we climbed Little Adam's peak, which is the peak on the left hand side of the photo above, and trekked to the Nine Arch Bridge, which is a viaduct down in the valley. Because Ella - and the surrounding areas - are quite mountainous, it's worth getting tuk tuks to wherever you need to go as, a lot of the time, the roads aren't fit for cars. Plus tuk tuks are usually pretty cheap to get. There are also buses which can take you to where you need to go (and that are often cheap too), although please beware - the bus drivers tend to drive erratically.

Here are some of the photos from when we climbed Adam's Peak. Check out that view (and those luminous trainers, which happen to be the comfiest footwear EVER).

We ate at three places in Ella. The first night we had pizza at a bar called Cafe Chill, as I'd become a tiny bit fed up of curry for breakfast, lunch and dinner at that point. The following day we had lunch in a place called Down Town Rotti Hut - I'd definitely recommend their kotu rotti, as it's absolutely delicious and like nothing I've ever tried - and that evening we ate in the hotel restaurant.

After a couple of days in Ella, we set out for Unawatuna on day six, stopping at Udawalawe national park en route. Udawalawe is renowned for its wild elephant population (as well as other animals like crocodiles, buffalo, lots of species of birds and monkeys). Our driver, Mahendra, called ahead to his friend who is a jeep safari driver / tour guide and managed to get us a private jeep for about £50. I read online that you have to be at the safari for either the morning slot (which starts pretty early) or the late afternoon slot - however in our case we just rocked up at midday and had our tour there and then. #Connections.

On our way to the safari, Mahendra warned that we might not see any animals at all as, apparently, that does occasionally happen. However we didn't have to worry as five minutes in we spotted a family of elephants with their tiny baby (disclaimer: it was tiny compared to them, not me). It was incredible to witness these wild animals in such close proximity. From there onwards, we saw a hella lot of elephants.

Here are some of the pics from Udawalawe. The tour took around three hours in total. If you go, I'd recommend wearing sun cream, anti-mosquito spray and taking a litre bottle of water as it's thirsty business.

If you have any questions about either Ella or Udawalawe, feel free to leave a comment below (or email / tweet me) and I'll try and respond! The next post is all about our stay in Unawatuna, which was a three hour drive from the national park. Stay tuned ;)

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